Sites offering great value Formula One trips

If you have always wanted to base a holiday for yourself around going to a Formula One race, then why not make the dream a reality and get along to a race this year? There are some companies offering fantastic deals on Formula One trips, and in this blog we are going to show you where you can pick up one of these packages for a decent price, so lets take a look!

Unlike a lot of other sports, Formula One lends itself brilliantly to planning a holiday around, as it is concentrated over one weekend, and all of the events take place in glamorous destinations, often when these destinations are enjoying their best weather. Think about it, it always seems to be sunny during the Grand Prix at Australia or Brazil right? So you will be guaranteed glorious sunshine wherever you go!

The best place to start your Formula One package trip search is on the official Formula One site at www.formula1.com/tickets_and_travel/. This site will show you all of the official ticket and travelling packages, and the main selling point of the official packages is the fact that they hold all of the best tickets for these customers, so you will be guaranteed a great spot! A word of warning though, these packages can be slightly expensive, so lets try find a cheaper option.

The cheaper option we have found is www.f1grandprixtours.com. This site is a more budget friendly option for race fans, and they offer a fantastic range of options for every Grand Prix around the world. They are well worth a look!




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