France’s Automobile Graveyard

The lush natural setting and picturesque canyons of France’s Parc Régional du Verdon attracts one million visitors each year. Nature lovers drive up the canyons, where many of them come back down – the hard way!

Since the 30s, cars have been driven off the cliffs, piling up at the foot of the canyon. Recently, a team consisting of mountaineers, firemen, and engineers have begun cleaning up the debris beneath the canyons. What they have uncovered is a veritable automobile museum – an automobile graveyard.

The cars raised represent nearly the entire 20th century, including a Renault Juva 4 used by Parisian taxi drivers during the 1930s. Many of the cars ended up in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the gorge by accident, but some were the product of insurance frauds. Most of the crashes, however, were suicides.

In 1980, park officials put up barriers along the roads overlooking the gorges, preventing cars from falling into the ravines

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