Frasers Motorcycles, Gloucester

Finding the Shop

Since 1971, Frasers Motorcycles has bought, sold and serviced motorcycles from their base on Bristol Road in the Podsmead borough of Gloucester.

Those visiting the Frasers store will find plentiful free parking for both cars and motorcycles, while Gloucester railway station is a 20 minute walk away.


Visitors to the store will find a massive range of the major motorcycling manufacturers. This includes Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Aprilia, as well as an ample collection of spare parts, accessories, clothing, scooters and electric bikes.

Frasers' range includes both new and used bikes and spare parts, which means they are able to cater for any budget.

Furthermore, you have the peace of mind of knowing that all used bikes and equipment have been inspected and, where necessary, repaired by Frasers' trustworthy staff.

Other Services

Frasers Motorcycles also offers a repairs and servicing garage, including motorcycle MOTs.

Frasers' technicians boasts over 60 years of experience and will offer you friendly, helpful and impartial advice on the best course of action if your bike needs repairs.


Frasers Motorcycles also operates a finance scheme, whereby motorists can take away a bike on the day and start paying later.


Frasers' website is updated frequently, including an up to date inventory of all the new and used bikes and accessories they have in stock.

As such, a visit to Frasersofgloucester.co.uk is almost as useful as visiting the shop itself.

The Frasers Motorcycles website also contains the latest motorcycling news, full details of the company's finance options, a page dedicated to servicing your motorcycle and information about Frasers' sponsorships for good causes.

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