From car to brand

Toyota has unveiled a new range of vehicles bearing the ‘Prius’ stamp at the Detroit motor show.

The new Prius v midsize hybrid-electric vehicle and the Prius c concept join the current third-generation Prius and Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle in aiming to ‘broaden the appeal of Prius to all ages and lifestyles,’ according to Toyota.

‘With the expansion of the Prius family, a new evolution of vehicles will further increase the acceptance of hybrids with Prius’ same core values of high fuel economy, low emissions, proven technology and environmental stewardship,’ said the carmaker.

‘This is no ordinary family. It’s a modern family with a Prius for everyone,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager. ‘The Prius v is an all-new dedicated hybrid vehicle, and all future Prius family members will be as well. They will all share common Prius attributes but will be unique, with a special appeal to different buyers.’

The 2012 Prius v will go on sale in the US in late summer 2011, and the Prius c Concept will be on the market in the first part of 2012.

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