Fuel consumption focus

Mercedes is to use hybrid technology as a way of improving fuel consumption, and not to boost performance reports Autocar.

Hybrid technology is set to feature in next-generation models from the carmaker’s high performance wing, including stop-start and energy recuperation devices.

AMG’s former CEO Volker Mornhinweg said in 2008 that the company was experimenting with batteries, ultracapacitors and flywheels for future hybrids in order to boost power but instead the firm is now focused on improving fuel economy and lowering CO2 emissions.

Herbert Kohler, told Autocar that the fact that future AMGs would be offered with hybrid technology was ‘a given’.

‘In the future AMG will still offer high performance models but there will be hybrids there,’ he said. ‘AMG needs to reduce fuel consumption.’

While Volksvagen’s hybrids will focus on adding more power, including the innovative flywheel system used on the Porsche 918, Kohler said that Mercedes would be going down that route. ‘Hybrids can boost, but AMGs will use stop-start and recuperation technology.’

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