Fuel efficient cars in Europe

Fuel economy is a hot topic not only because of the tough standards for fuel emissions imposed on car manufacturers. Rising prices of fuel make it beneficial for owners to get an economic vehicle. It not only reduces fuel costs but includes extra benefits as well. Since fuel economy is tied to fewer carbon emissions, a vehicle owner can get lower or even zero road tax. But what are the fuel efficient cars in Europe? Hybrids and EV make the list of fuel efficient cars. Combined with lower carbon emissions, these cars do not consume as much fuel as standard vehicles do and have lower carbon emissions.

Why go for fuel efficient cars?

On 1 January 2015, European laws on carbon emissions will be enforced requiring vehicles to emit less than 130g/km of CO2. If accepted, recent EU directives stipulate that cars should emit 95g/km or lower of carbon emissions by 2020, a development that leaves car manufacturers scurrying for alternatives to reduce carbon emissions. These are not the only factors affecting how people buy their vehicles. The credit crunch, along with road taxes for carbon emissions also contributed to the search for fuel efficient cars.

Generally speaking, a higher mpg means that less fuel is burned and fewer carbon emissions are injected in the environment. This, in turn, implies less damage on the atmosphere. There is a common misconception that smaller cars have lower carbon emissions. This is not true because car size and type of vehicle need not be traded off. The key is to go for engine technology that not only significantly improves fuel consumption, but also reduces carbon emissions.

Thus, models vary across engines that use diesel or petrol as fuel as well as hybrid electric cars. A few of fuel efficient cars in the market today are, as follows:

Vauxhall Ampera/Chevrolet Volt

Thanks to its electric drive and petrol powered electricity generator, it is the European Car of the Year giving a whopping 235.4mpg fuel economy and only 27 g/km CO2.

Toyota Prius Plug-in

Categorised as a mid-sized vehicle, the car clocks 134.5mpg. Its CO2 emission is 49g/km.

Other cars that are fuel efficient include the: Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car (204 mpg), Citroen C1 evie electric car (191 mpg), Citroen –C-Zero (204 mpg), Peugeot iOn (204 mpg), Smart fortwo Eb (162mpg), Skoda Fabia Estate (83mpg), and Renault Kangoo Van (196mpg).


Clearly, owning fuel efficient cars is the goal of many compared to a gas guzzler saving you lots of money in fuel costs not to mention decreasing carbon footprints. Car manufacturers stay ahead of the game and adapted accordingly by producing fuel efficient cars. The only question that burns in the mind is the possibility of increasing targets to even reduce carbon emissions, make the planet greener, and provide much-needed savings due to rising fuel prices.

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