Quick fuel filling tips to help save money

Buying fuel for your car or motorbike is expensive. With petrol prices always seeming to go up, and not down, knowing when and how to fill up your tank goes a long way in helping you save money. Follow these fuel filling tips, and you might be amazed at just how much you can save.

Fill up in the morning

Few motorists seem to be aware when you fill up is as important as where, and filling up in the early morning or late at night can save you money.

Petrol storage tanks are buried underground and, during the night, the temperature falls. As that happens, the petrol becomes more dense, meaning when you pump it you get more. As temperatures increase throughout the day, the petrol expands so, when you pump it, you get less petrol and more air than what is showing on the petrol gauge.

Follow an early morning routine and, over time, you'll notice you're spending less on fuel simply because you're getting more for your money.

Don't let your tank hit empty

Of course, we've all done it. Waited until there are two drops of fuel left in the tank, then coasted into the petrol station on fumes. Don't. You're wasting money, not saving it.

As you drive, the petrol in your tank begins to decrease. As it does, the remaining petrol starts to evaporate. If you keep driving around, decreasing the fuel in your tank and increasing the air, the petrol you have left will evaporate even faster.

Never let your car's petrol tank get below half full. Yes, you'll always have half a tank of gas you're never using but, in the long run, you'll still save money. Plus, you won't be running your car on all that nasty sediment that accumulates at the bottom of the tank.

Don't always choose the cheapest petrol station

One of the best fuel filling tips is as easy as being careful which petrol station you use. Some people drive for miles just to save 2-3p on a litre of petrol by buying it at a cheaper station. Think about it. By the time you've driven five miles out of your way, just to save 30p, you've spent more than that on the fuel you've used.

Find fuel prices before you leave your house

A smashing way to get the cheapest price on fuel is to do a search for petrol prices at petrolprices.com. They'll give you the cheapest prices in your area, and then you can plan your trip accordingly. No driving aimlessly around anymore, just to save a few pence.

The lowest price isn't always the best

While fuel filling tips are nice to know, it's also good to learn which petrol stations in your area are the best, as well as which you shouldn't buy from. Getting the lowest price isn't always the best, as quality of fuel can differ from station to station, depending on how well each station takes care of its fuel tanks and pumps.

Find a petrol station where the price is reasonable and the quality of petrol is good (you'll be able to tell by how smoothly your car runs) and, in the long run, you'll save more money than you would bopping around from station to station for the latest 'best deal'.

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