Fuel for thought

New ’eco-fuel’ costing just 19p per litre could be with us in just three years from now.

Boffins are hard at work to create a hydrogen-based fuel that will work in existing cars at a fration of the price of conventional petrol.

With the fuel based on hydrogen rather than carbon, there will be less harmful emissions let out into the atmosphere –spelling good news for the environment as well as the wallet.

Tests are due to take place next year. If all goes well, the cutprice fuel could be in the pumps in three to five years.

Project leader Professor Stephen Bennington said: 'In some senses, hydrogen is the perfect fuel. It has three times more energy than petrol per unit of weight, and when it burns, it produces nothing but water.

'Our new hydrogen storage materials offer real potential for running cars, planes and other vehicles that currently use hydrocarbons.'

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