Fuels price to rise again

Motorists were once again bearing the burden of helping reduce the national deficit and asking why is it always them, after it was announced recently that the cost of fuel has hit an all time record high whilst wholesale prices decrease.

According to research conducted by the AA the price of a litre of fuel in the UK rose by 1p to 121.61p but with the wholesale price per litre being reduced by 2p, giving the new Lib-Con government an extra penny for nothing. What’s even worse for struggling commuters is that looking at the figures year on year the price per little has gone up a stomping 11.51p, where as in the US a litre only coast 77p.

Talking about the increase Edmund King from the AA said: ‘After a week of lower wholesale prices, drivers would consider it unacceptable profiteering if at least some of the saving wasn't passed on to them. We know that record prices have squeezed profit margins for many independent retailers but would urge them to pass on whatever savings they can, partly because a fall in pump prices may bring back some of the 10-20% lost custom in recent months.’

So tell us again why we invaded Iraq?

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