Funeral parley

Road rage kills, but it seems that even the already dead can’t escape from it. A new study found that a half of all drivers have witnessed bad behaviour by other motorists during funeral processions.

Funeral corteges have fallen foul to drivers aggressively cutting into processions, playing music loudly or overtaking.

The study, carried out by Co-operative Funeralcare, found that this disrespectful attitude was at odds to motorists' own claimed attitudes, with three of four drivers claiming they would pull over to let a hearse pass.

Funeral directors claim that one in every five processions is directly disrupted by other road users.

‘The situation has got increasingly worse over the years, with more traffic on today's roads and people's busier lifestyles,’ said David Collingwood, operations director for The Co-operative Funeralcare.

‘Other road users tend to be so impatient nowadays and their main concern is get to their end destination as quickly as possibly, regardless of other traffic on the road.’

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