Future car challenge

The 2011 RAC Future Car Challenge will be a unique motoring contest between electric, hybrid, hydrogen and low-emission ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles, with the objective of using the least energy over the 60-mile route from Brighton to London.

With the price of oil rising yet again, the event, that according to the RAC aims to ’actively promote, demonstrate and challenge new low-energy technology and echo the pioneering start of motoring in 1896’ couldn’t be more timely. This year’s contest will take place on Saturday November 5.

RAC Motoring Services are the main sponsor of the event. Adrian Tink, RAC motoring strategist, said: ‘We're delighted to be title sponsors of the event again this year. With record fuel prices seemingly here for the long run the future of motoring, and particularly the need to reduce our reliance on fossil-based fuels, is even more important than it was 12 months ago - events like this help bring that future to life.’

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