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Most of London’s roads were laid down before cars were invented to they don’t have space for motorists to leave their vehicles. The majority of London’s home were also built before cars came into being, so Londoners don’t tend to have garages. If you’ve got a nice motor, you’ll want to hide it away at night for security reasons so we’ve had a look into and come up with the best garage prices in London.
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The price of the garage depends on two things: location and the space you’ll need. You’ll be asked to pay more for garage space in Kensington and Chelsea than in areas like Hackney and Brixton for obvious reasons. These two pieces of information are the only ones you’ll need to know before visiting a site like lockupgarages.co.uk where you’ll come across listings of garages being offered for rent. A site like parklet.co.uk is also worth look into as they have over 20,000 garages listed across the country. Most rents are done on a rolling monthly contract so if you’re in London for a short period to see a project out, you don’t need to invest too heavily in a garage.

Buying garages

With developers constantly on the lookout for buildings to convert and renovate in the capital, garages tend not to be sold to motorists looking for somewhere to house their car. You won’t be able to compete with a developer who’s looking to get a change of use permit from the council before converting the garage into a small property. Some garages sell for up to £500,000 although most go for around £25,000.

Price guide

In London you should expect to pay somewhere between £200 and £250 per month for a garage space.

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