New Shoes For Your Ride with Genuine Ford Alloy Wheels

Looking to give your Ford car an updated look could mean a new paint job, new seats covers, or it could mean some new genuine Ford alloy wheels. New wheels can definitely give your ride a fresh, new feeling.

Getting Genuine Ford Wheels

There are many well-known brands of after market alloys with excellent reputations and an almost limitless number of styles. But, for some, when it comes to putting new parts on their car, they feel most comfortable going with parts from the original manufacturer. When it comes to the case of getting new wheels for your Ford, you may just want to have the Ford logo on the center hub to show your loyalty to the brand.

Where You Can Find Ford Wheels

The first place to look is a Ford car dealership if there are any near you. It is likely, however, that they won’t have much stock on hand, but it’s a good place to start. It is probable they will have a catalogue that you can look through and find the type of alloys you like. Be sure to write down the stock number, style number and all other information possible.

Now that you know what you want and have information on it, you can search the Internet to see if you can find it. If you want new alloys try Fordonlineparts.co.uk, or fordparts.com. When you visit fordparts.com you will need your VIN number to search the site. If you don’t mind used alloys and are eager to save money, then try alloywheels.me.uk, secondhandalloys.co.uk and supaprice.co.uk, and there is always eBay and Amazon. You can also try breakers, such as breakeryard.com that is a cooperative of breaker yards and if one of them has the wheels you want, they deliver them right to you.

How Much You’ll Pay

Ford in UK is a popular manufacturer and parts and wheels are not difficult to find. The cost of new alloys for your Ford will depend on the size you need and the style you want. New alloys can run as much as £172 each for Focus RS 19” multi-spoke in silver. We also found four used, 16” Focus 5 stud alloys, with tyres, for £240 for genuine Ford alloy wheels.

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