Get ready for Brooklands retro racing

The Double Twelve Motorsport Festival this weekend will be the biggest motoring competition held at Brooklands since 1939.

Over 200 cars have already entered for the festival's Sprint and Driving Concours competition. The festival takes its name from the legendary 24-hour races that used to take place at Brooklands 80 years ago, and will aim to give spectators a flavour of classic motoring competition and entertainment. A speed sprint on the M-B circuit will take place on Saturday, and other events include the Driving Concours and the Test Hill Challenge, held on the Sunday.

The Driving Concours will see a range of pre-war and post-war cars battling it out over six different test layouts. The cars will include some of the earliest of the Veteran era as well as a 12-car entry of Jaguar E-types, tying in with the sports car's 50th anniversary celebrations.

As well as car action there will be plenty of entertainment for all the family during the weekend, including music, children's activities and an aviation exhibit of a Second World War Wellington bomber rescued from Loch Ness.

Adult day tickets are £15, with family tickets £37 on the day. Tickets for children cost £6 on the day.

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