Getting Euro car parts for your car

Finding Euro car parts is as easy as finding the parts of any other make of vehicle. European vehicles have become very popular, as more and more models have been made of late for day-to-day usage. Luxury vehicles are the niche of most European carmakers.

Where to Buy

Car parts for most Euro cars can be obtained from the local scrap yard. But, don’t expect to find plenty of Aston Martin or Lamborghini spares there. However, should you own a Audi, Renault or Peugeot, you should find your parts without a problem. Dealers within your locality will have parts from other carmakers too.

Getting Euro Parts Online

It is most convenient to search for both brand new and second hand car parts on the Internet. You only need be specific about the details of your vehicle and how much you are able to spend on the part. The websites have tools to enable you to refine your search by specifying year of manufacture of your vehicle, model, etc. You can find parts on the manufacturer’s website, websites of dealers or on the many breaker yards. Listed below is a list of websites.

  • 1stchoice.co.uk
  • 247spares.co.uk
  • Autobreakers.co.uk
  • Breakerparts.com


Finding car parts that are cost effective and that will serve you for a long time really sometimes depends on your luck. On the Breakerparts.com site, you could save up to 80% on the price of brand new parts on Audi, Alfa Romeo or BMW parts. If the part is unavailable and you leave your contact details on the site, they will contact you when they locate the Euro car parts you need.

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