Check out these great Glasgow alloys stores

Despite the fact that alloys are much cheaper than most other kinds of car add on or modifications, there are still plenty of stores around who charge their customers well over the odds. We're not talking about dodgy back street stores either, we're talking about some of the biggest names out there in the car parts and accessories world.

Just because something is cheaper in a relative sense doesn't mean that you should accept paying more than you need to, which is precisely why we've drawn up this guide to the very best in Glasgow alloys stores, both in terms of prices and performance.

We all know how much you Glaswegians love your cars, so it was no surprise to discover just how many car parts and accessories stores we found when our research got under way. Of course this didn't necessarily mean that they were all good, but overall we were pleasantly surprised by the level of quality and competitive prices available.

Whether you're looking for new alloys, second hand alloys, refurbished alloys, to have your alloys cleaned, alloy repair, alloy welding, alloy fitting or tyre balancing, you'll find everything you possibly need in Glasgow, without being forced to pay the premiums you might in other cities.

So without further delay, we give you our findings, in no particular order, for our favourite Glasgow alloys stores:

Wheels Refurbished: 40 Houston Street, Kingston Bridge Trading Estate Glasgow, Lanarkshire G5 8RS Web: www.wheelsrefurbished.co.uk. Tel: 0141 420 6063

Wheel Centre Scotland: 9 West Coats Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G72 8AA Web: wwww.wheelcentre-scotland.co.uk Tel:  0141 641 5483

Top Gear:Planet Performance, Olympic House, Unit C6 Olympic Business Park, Drybridge Road, Dundonald KA2 9BE Web: www.topgear.co.uk. Tel: 0800 980 5338

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