Google Earth measurements 'wrong'

After trying to convince a court that Google is a better judge of speed than speed cameras, Dr Tennore Ramesh, 46, has been saddled with a hefty £4,000 legal bill.

He had been snapped driving at 41 mph in a 30mph zone on Halifax Road in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. After initiallydenying the offence, he tried to prove his case by claiming that the Toyota he was driving did not match the mobile safety camera's measurement, according to his research on Goodle Earth.

He concluded that the laser device had recorded his speed inaccurately, and even recruited an expert witness to back up his case.

'But a survey of the site by a prosecution expert confirmed the 'error' was with Google Earth, not the laser, leaving Dr Ramesh with no choice but to change his plea to guilty on the morning of the trial,' said a spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police yesterday.

Dr Ramesh already had three points on his licence for a previous speeding offence, and urged to be disqualified from driving altogether, rather than have an extra three points on his licence, which would under rules for new drivers see his licence being revoked.

But the judge was not sympathetic and ordered a further three points be added to his driving licence. He was also ordered to pay legal costs of f £3,392 and fined £375 for good measure.

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