Go Tiguan!

During typical office hours it’s the NHS that’s responsible for ferrying blood and vital fluids to the needy. But in the evenings and at weekends this job falls to a group called Blood Bikes.

The group’s website tells us more. It says: ‘The Blood Bikes movement was founded in 1969 when a youth community action group named Freewheelers began encouraging young bikers to use their riding skills to provide an efficient and reliable transport service to local hospitals. This initial group served hospitals in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas, carrying blood, drugs, plasma, diagnostic specimens and even human spare parts on occasions.’

As the name suggests, this work is largely carried out by bikes, but occasionally help from more powerful vehicles is needed. Now the group has enlisted the support of a Volkswagen Tiguan 4x4, which will be able to access all areas at all times, irrespective of the weather.

Mike Burns of Blood Bikes said: ‘We’ve been really impressed with the Tiguan which helps us extend our service to more remote areas and in all weathers and for that reason we’re really keen to acquire a second. We’re grateful to Volkswagen and Heritage Automotive for their ongoing support and hope it will enable us to continue our life-saving work in the future.’

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