Going soft in old age

The number of convertible cars on Britain's roads has soared during the last ten years – and according to data supplied by insurance firm LV, it could all be fuelled by an impending sense of mid-life crisis among 40 and 50-somethings.

There are now 911,495 convertibles in the UK, twice that of a decade ago, six times as many as in 1993, and rising all the time.

Someone who works for the AA contends that drivers tend to buy convertibles in middle-age since they're much more reliable now than those soft-tops of their youth.

He added: 'In the pressured lives that many people lead, it can be a delightful pleasure to look forward to a drive home in good weather at the end of the day.'

John O'Roarke, the managing director of LV said: 'The British love affair with convertibles is one of the unique ironies of our island nation and our research has shown just how dedicated convertible owners are to making the most of their motors - come rain or shine.'

But beware – convertibles have also been found to be the most vandalised type of car, with a quarter of owners reporting some instance of vandalism or theft, with scratching the car's paintwork the crime most commonly reported.

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