'Golden era'

Former Formula One ace Johnny Herbert is convinced that we're currently enjoying a 'golden era' of F1.

In an interview at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Herbert said that the exciting mix of technology with the current crop of drivers is making for some of the most tense, nail-biting, foot-in-mouth racing events in history.

Speaking at British car firm Eterniti's stand at the show, he said: 'We're in a golden era. Overall KERS, tyres and DRS – combined with the fantastic package of drivers we have at the moment – are making for great F1.

'Racing has been really good. Someone said when there were 20-odd changes for the lead in a race recently that it was too much. Too much? People used to moan when there wasn't any overtaking at all! How can there be too much?'

He also revealed how much he likes the controversial DRS technology. 'I think it works very well – I like it,' he explained. 'Some people say it is fake and makes overtaking too easy, but I don't think that is the case.

'When I started in 1989 there was slipstreaming to assist passes, but you don't get that any more as these cars cut through the air so cleanly that they don't create that much turbulence and thus the slipstreams.

'So if you haven't got slipstreams, cars don't pass like they used to so they needed to try something to help it. That's what DRS does – it gives the slipstream back.'

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