Good service

In Austerity Britain, even the owners of luxury cars are counting the pennies. Audi is the latest manufacturer to realise this, and has set up a service plan for its car owners so that they can pay by the month.

The German firm has launched a three-year service, maintenance and tyre repair package. Monthly payments can be as little as £27, a very recession conscious price according to SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt, who commented: '2011 was always going to be a tough year with a five per cent reduction in new car registrations and greater fluctuations in the used car market. hese have placed an even greater emphasis on maintaining service and repair work for the longer-term sustainability of the franchise dealer network.

'Motorists are facing a significant cost-of-living squeeze. By providing greater certainty on monthly expenditure and removing the shock of unexpected service and repair bills manufacturers and dealers are doing their best to help support family and business finances.'

Mercedes and BMW have both also launched similar schemes, and the most popular scheme out there is actually Mini's tlc scheme, which takes care of all services for five years and costs just £249.

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