Goodness gracious!

Chinese car brand Great Wall will be launched this summer in the UK.

In its arsenal is a pick up and a city car which will, it asserts, provide ‘more for less.’

‘We will offer customers a lot more,’ explained Paul Hegarty, managing director of Great Wall Motor Distributors. ‘The quality of the cars is very impressive with many Germanic associations. We will be launching with specifications that most people would not expect.

‘The Koreans would be the most obvious competition, but it doesn't matter what you compare Great Wall products to, the spec will be higher. I don't think we will have a base spec – our 'base' spec will be higher than many of our competitors' top specs.’

The first Great Wall car on UK roads will be the Steed pick-up vehicle this autumn. It will be followed in the winter by the Voleex C10 city car.

Expect high specs for a low price – and who would want more than that?

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