Gordon Murray's T25 Microcar

The Gordon Murray's featured 2012 model T25 is comparable to a Fiat 500 in size, and is said to weigh 400kg less than similar sized vehicles—the low weight is its selling point—making the car cheaper to build and less costly to run.

In a recent speech, Murray noted that the T25 “embraces all the challenges and finds solutions”:

1. Lower purchase price – substantially less than current small cars.

2. Low cost motoring – approximately half the annual running cost of a hatchback and purchase price pay back in 4 years compared with a small hatchback.

4. Congestion – 2 cars in one motorway lane.

5. Running emissions – less than half the UK average.

6. Lifecycle admissions – at least a 40% reduction.

7. Protecting our mobility.

8. Putting the fun back into driving

Though not targeted for actual production, Murray plans to license the technology of running prototypes to carmakers to produce cars under their own brand names.

For his next vehicle, Murray plans a similarly radical approach to high end sports cars, reversing the trend from heavier and high displacement engines.

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