Government Car Auctions

You may have come across various adverts detailing 'government car auctions' or other government auctions, where you can find cars, properties and other items at extrodrinarily cheap prices. These may seem inticing, but some of these adverts are false and instead sell cheap, knock-off products that probably won't be worth the small price you pay.

Fake Police and Government Auctions

Usually, customers are inticed to government car auctions and claims of police auctions with items starting at £1 or less. Adverts claim that cars, properties, military items and other items confiscated by police or owned by the government are available from super-cheap prices; however, when visiting these websites or seeking more information about these claims, you will normally be directed to a dealer or trader who does not offer these items at the stated price - or doesn't offer these items at all. Some fake police and government auction adverts have also been reported as scams.

Legitimate Government Car Auctions

There are legitimate government car auctions on the internet, where cars seized by police are not claimed by owners and are sold on as a means on raising funds for police departments. You can normally find cars and other used goods at exceptionally cheap prices from these auctions, and you won't be ripped off by scammers.

Bumblebeeauctions.co.uk is one of the many legitimate websites for seized goods by the police. Cars that have been stolen and seized are often available when the owner cannot be found, and some can be obtained as brand new. 10 of the UK's police forces use this site, but you may have to collect larger items and this can pose a problem your area's police force is not on the site.

Woma.co.uk holds two auctions per month for 'well-maintained' police vehicles, if you're look more expensive and faster second hand cars.

For other government car auctions and information, go to police-information.co.uk/links for an updated list of sites used by the government and police forces to dispose of seized cars and goods.

Other Auctions

If you're looking for something particular special and impress, you can try the government car auctions that deal with Ministry of Defense vehicles, on edisposals.com. Hidden in the collection of oak office desks and cabinets are specialist vehicles available at higher prices than other auction sites, but still providing you with an opportunity to snag millions of pounds worth of military hardware at a decent price.

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