Grab a map

Motoring group AA has found that motorists that rely on a sensible map from a good atlas, like the one AA has just published for instance, are less likely to get lost on the roads than if they use a sat nav system.

A poll of 17,000 motorists found that over half of drivers aged 18-24 use a sat nav, compared with only 28 percent of over 65s. But nine in ten over 65 carry an atlas, compared with just 30 percent in the 18-24 age group.

Those who relied on the tried and trusted map method seem to have had a better time of it, with 82 perent of young pups admitting to have got lost on the roads last year, compared with just 46 percent of oldies.

AA president Edmund King said: 'Lost and disoriented motorists cause congestion on the roads and compromise safety as they struggle to find the right routes. Also, the younger drivers who rely on modern technology for their navigational needs are the most prone to losing their way, while those relying on atlases are most accomplished at route planning. Getting lost uses more fuel, add to congestion and can lead to road rage or passenger rage.'

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