Grand pit opening

Silverstone has been revamped with new pits and a paddock complex. At an event that featured F1 stars past and present, the doors were opened on the new £27m building complex, two months before the British Grand Prix.

Excite Motoring was unaware that horses were to be kept at Silverstone, and by the sound of it, nor does Damon Hill, president of the British Racing Drivers' Club.

The 1996 champion told Radio 4: 'This year's Grand Prix and all the major international events will take place using the new facility. Silverstone has got a right to a permanent place on the calendar and so we hope this is a long-term thing that will make the circuit smart.'

HRH the Duke of Kent did the honours by declaring the wing open, and afterwards said: 'This is a tremendous day for Silverstone.

'I am very confident the Silverstone Wing will not just become the recognisable face of Silverstone, but the centre and pivotal point of world motor sport.'

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