Greased lightning

The Quimera All-Electric Grand Tourer can hit 60mph in three seconds, and has a top speed of 186mph. It's all electric. How can this be? Well, it has three enormous electric motors stuffed away, as well as 700bhp and 737Ib/ft of torque, allowing it to compete with the Lamborghini Aventador in the power and acceleration department.

Range anxiety could be a problem – you could find that it'll get you down the shops in super quick time but then you'd be stranded there. The car is the brain child of a consortium of European universities and businessmen that have their fingers in all sorts of sustainable project pies.

It takes as its basis swathes of carbon fibre, using them for the monocoque chassis and body panels. Making it pretty nippy, and a second-generation prototype, called the Evo-II, is said to be in the pipeline.

While ready to race, it unfortunately has no home among racing series – perhaps it can just race itself? Still, as an experiment for electric technology it just goes to show how far it can go. Perhaps Nissan could take a Leaf out of the book of this grand machine and stick three electric motors under the bonnets of their next electric vehicle.

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