Great Ford Transit vans for sale

If you are looking for Ford Transit vans for sale, one of the best sites to visit is fordtransitdirect.co.uk. This company is a nine times winner of the Ford Motor Company Chairman’s Award for customer satisfaction. It offers a wide range of new and used Ford Transit vans for sale.

The company has a very useful search feature on their website in which they distinguish between new and used vans. You are their able to further refine your search by including the price, mileage, year and engine size of the van you want.

There is a 08 Ford Transit van for sale at £8,295 from Jennings Ford Commercial, which is located in Sunderland. It has a manual transmission and the mileage is 49,361. It has a 2.2 diesel engine with a 260 SWB Low Roof. There are a variety of features including central locking, electric windows, air conditioning and an airbag facility.

If you are looking for something newer, check out the 2010 Ford Transit for sale at £20,995. It has a high roof and a diesel engine. The mileage is only 1,700 - so it has barely been used. It has a number of high quality additions such as electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors, enhanced anti-theft coding, side window demisters and a power point among others.

If you are looking for a high quality Ford Transit van visit fordtransitdirect.co.uk and you will find thousands of new and used vehicles to suit your needs.

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