'Green' Morgan to be made

The iconic Morgan car and the beast-like roar of its throttle is, sadly, a thing of the past, but Morgan have decided to salvage what they can of the sports car and bring it into the twenty-first century, with a low-carbon electric version of the vehicle.

The 101-year-old company is co-operating with British companies Zytek and Radshape and the aim is to produce a concept car in time for the Geneva motor show next year.

The electric car would be made from aluminium, and powered by a plug-in battery. In fact, in their enthusiasm for the project, two different cars are being considered for production, with one being held back for further research while the other will be on public view. Morgan will then have to decide which one of the two cars goes on sale.

The Government, always trumpeting the cause of electric cars, has pumped money into the project in the form of a £100,000 grant. Electric sports cars though? We think the money would be best spent elsewhere. No one yet knows the top speed or range of the new Morgan, though by all accounts it should be a bit nippy.

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