Hamilton on Schumie scrap: 'That's racing'

It was expected, when Michael Schumacher announced his racing come back, that there would be plenty of battles with Lewis Hamilton for us to look forward to. Unfortunately, the great German's return to motor-racing has been something of a whimper rather than a bang, but at Monza the situation suddenly changed.

Schmacher's tustle with Lewis Hamilton was undoubtedly one the race's highlights. 'It was a good race,' said Hamilton. 'I got some points and I finished, so I can't complain at all.' On the way Schumacher had held him off he brushed it off saying: 'That's racing.'

However, during the race Hamilton had complained about the way Schumacher was weaving, leading to a radio message to Mercedes GP ordering Schumacher to give Hamilton more room. Schumacher saw no problem with his driving: 'The stewards didn't call me in, so everything is fine.'

The dual cost Hamilton a lot of time though for once he was philosophical about it. 'But that was as fast as we could go today,' said Hamilton. 'I was losing time on the straights, so that's why I couldn't get past Michael.'

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