Hamilton savours victory

To say that Lewis Hamilton was chuffed to beat his arch rival Sebastian Vettel would be an understatement. Vettel, driving a Red Bull car, has been impeccable this term, but with Lewis Hamilton's victory in Shanghai, he denied Vettel a third win on the trot, and proved that the German isn't invincible afterall.

'I'm absolutely overwhelmed,' Hamilton said after his hard fought win. 'It feels like a long time since I've been sitting here. I will continue to push and am looking forward to many more victories like this.'

The result looked unlikely before the start of the race, when a fuel leak could have prevented Hamilton from reaching the starting grid in time. 'I wouldn't say that I was worried,' he said. 'We knew we still had six minutes, and luckily, when we were down to two, everything went back together again quite quickly.'

Hamilton is keen to push McLaren into stepping up development of the car, to close the gap on the McLarens' deficit in qualifying: 'There is a long road ahead of us,' he added. 'We're working very hard to close the gap. In race terms, we're comparable, but in qualifying, we still have a lot of work to do.'

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