Hamilton to leave McLaren?

Lewis Hamilton's contract with McLaren includes 2012, but the speed merchant could be winging his way to another team at the end of the season according to reports that his contract includes a clause that allows the quick Brit to leave if McLaren fails to win either the Drivers' or Constructors' titles.

Speculation has been rife that the 26-year-old has set his sights on Red Bull, and will replace Mark Webber, who has yet to sign a contract for 2012.

Hamilton himself has let his ambition to add to his current tally of one world championship be known. 'It would suck if I won only one championship,' he said. 'It would feel like a waste of so many years. I'm here to win. It's all I care about, it's what I live for.

'I don't have to make any decisions just yet. Of course, you will always ask questions and look at all options and think, 'Is there anything better you can do?'

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