Hamilton's dad: 'keep McLaren together'

Frustrated racing driver Lewis Hamilton has been advised by his father and former manager Anthony Hamilton to stick it out with McLaren and keep them together.

The 26-year-old former champion is now advised by pop guru Simon Fuller, who many see as having orchestrated the now infamous meet between Hamilton and Red Bull boss Christian Horner in Canada a few weeks back, when the Brit handed over his business card.

Among the speculation and criticism that followed, Hamilton's father Anthony has advised his son to stay with McLaren.

'It's just something is missing and they'll find it,' he told the BBC.

'They're going through a little bit of turmoil like you do in any relationship, but it is going to be a happy marriage, I believe, if he stays.

'As a Formula One driver, Lewis has an opportunity to bring everybody together rather than let them fall apart,' he added.

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