Hamilton's still got a chance

The fight for the 2011 world championship is still on.

Or at least it is according to the father of the 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

And Hamilton's father, who manages Force India rookie driver Paul di Resta, is backing his son to make up the 76 points that separate the Brit from runaway leader Sebastian Vettel.

'If I were a gambling man, I'd put some money on Lewis winning the championship this year,' Hamilton snr told the Daily Mail. 'You'll get some great odds. He can do it.'

At the moment you can get tasty odds of 14/1 for a Hamilton win, while Vettel is odds-on favourite.

Hamilton said: 'We've arguably had the fastest race car in the last three races, and that's really encouraging because I know that, when it's put to best use, I should be able to finish at the front.'

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