Hammond goes Stateside

Top Gear is looking to spread its popularity abroad, with the BBC opting to hand Richard Hammond his own US TV show.

The Beeb's cheeky chappy has been confirmed as the face of new series 'Hard Drive with Richard Hammond' (so no surprising that he's presenting it). The show is reputedly based on a programme called World's Toughest Driving Tests.

Sounds like it's going to be Jackass on wheels. Not exactly. Hammond will be travelling across the USA competing with local experts and driving wacky vehicles and performing 'don't-try-this-at-home' feats. Jackass on wheels it is then.

But what of James May and the almighty Clarkson? Don't fear, the BBC looks after its star presenters, handing May the job of presenting an American version of Man Lab, and, rumour has it, Clarkson may be the face of new show Auto Biography, tracing the history of a forgotten classic car every week.

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