Happy Birthday Ford UK!

Ford UK is getting ready to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Three years after the pioneering Model T came to British shores, Ford set its stall up here – way back on March 8 1911.

Of course, Ford plans to make the best use possible of the centenary year – celebrations and marketing campaigns will be the order of the day – er, year.

A company statement runs thus: ‘Today, Ford enjoys an enviable reputation, leading UK car sales for 34 consecutive years and the best-selling Ford Transit helping Ford lead commercial vehicle sales for 45 consecutive years. In 2011 Ford will launch the new Ford Focus, another global car in the spirit of the Ford Model T.’

Expect various historical displays at motor events, and a gala in the first part of the year.

Ford of Britain chairman, Joe Greenwell, is clearly a proud man. He said: ‘Ford of Britain has been in the fabric of the nation for over a hundred years and no motor company has touched more lives in Britain. We have a proud heritage and a bright future. Ford of Britain is a major pillar of Ford's global strategy and the new Ford Focus, centrepiece of the centenary, features advanced powertrains developed and produced in the UK.’

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