Happy to be in reserve

Playing second fiddle to Jenson and Lewis is just fine for Pedro de la Rosa, who plans to remain McLaren's reserve driver for the 'coming years.'

Last year, the Spanish driver made a brief return to the track with Sauber, but he was dropped and became a lowly tyre tester for the rest of the season.

But for now he is back in his old comfortable seat at McLaren as a dedicated reserve driver. It's not that being the back-up means you can take your foot off the pedal, as he explains.

'You can't have one foot here and one foot there,' he confides. 'You would end up doing both categories at 80 per cent and run out of motivation and lose your contract.

'So when people ask me if I would like to race as well then of course I would, but is it the right thing to do? The answer is always the same, that I'm not willing to jeopardise my future in F1.

'Right now it's the only thing that interests me, so I am quite proud to be here and calm and I have no intention to change strategy in the coming years,' Pedro added, and who can blame him with such a plum job?

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