Find a Dealership Offering Harley Davidson Motorcycles, UK.

There are several dealers of Harley Davidson motorcycles in the UK.


Established in 1924 on London's Kings Road, Warr's is Europe's oldest Harley Davidson dealership.

They have two dealerships - Kings Road and Mottingham Road, South East London.

Warr's stock a full range of Harley Davidsons motorcycles from a new XL883L at £6,599.00 through to the Ultra Classic at £20,299.00. As of September 2011, a 2011 103ci Road King Classic, is on offer at £16,900.00 reduced from £17,699.00 (prices correct as of September 2011 and taken from warrs.com).

For further details visit warrs.com

Black Bear

Black Bear of Newmarket, Suffolk is a private Harley Davidson dealership, owned and operated by motorcycle lovers.

Their website utilises the latest technology so that stocks of new and used Harley Davidsons are accurately recorded. This is particularly helpful as new Harleys are often in short supply and Black Bear may stock a model or colour that's not available elsewhere.

The dealership also stocks an extensive range of parts, accessories and official Harley Davidson clothing, all of which can be ordered on line.

Black Bear stock a range of new and used Harley Davidson motorcycles. A 2005 Dyna Glide with 16070 miles is offered for sale at £7,995.00 while a new 2010 V-Rod Muscle costs £14,295.00 (prices correct as of September 2011 and taken from blackbear.co.uk).

For further details visit blackbear.co.uk or telephone 01638 664455.

There are many more dealerships offering Harley Davidson motorcycles in the UK. These can be found at harley-davidson.com.


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