Harley Davidson motorcycles

Harley Davidson motorcycles are a motorbike manufacturer founded in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the United States of America in 1903. Harley motorcycles have gone from strength to strength over the years and are now the most famous and recognisable motorcycle brand in the world. They have an extremely loyal fanbase and they have spawned a whole new culture of biker gangs which keep active through clubs and events held worldwide celebrating Harley motorcycles.

The Harley motorcycle range offers bike riders a varied range of bikes such as the sportster, Dyna, Softail and the VRSC. With such a varied selection as can be seen on www.harley-davidson.com, a bike fan is sure to find something to meet his needs.

The Sportster is around since 1957 and is the closest in the Harley range to a racing bike, it is smaller and lighter than other Harleys and its rubber mounted engine makes it much smoother to ride making it a popular bike amongst riders wanting to embark on a long journey.

The Softail is one of the bigger Harley motorcycles, it is a big twin engine motorcycle that is very similar to the Hardtail chopper motorcycles that were popularised during the 60's and 70's and it remains one of Harley's core traditional bikes.

The Dyna is one of Harley's newer models, only being around since 1991, it is similar to the softail series in that it is also a twin engine motorbike, however it can be distinguished by its traditional coil over suspension that connects the swingarm to the frame.

The VRSC was introduced in 2001 and is completely different to the rest of the Harley range, it was created to try and compete with the ever growing popularity of the Japanese and American muscle bikes, it was an attempt by Harley to expand their market appeal. It is commonly known as the V rod and it is visually distinctive, very easily identified by its 60-degree V-Twin engine, the radiator and the hydro-formed-frame members that support the round-topped air cleaner cover. Based on the VR-1000 racing motorcycle, it remains the  platform from which Harley Davidson builds drag racing motorcycles.



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