Have you got Va Va Voom?

Renault has announced a new Facebook campaign that supports its new Va Va Voom supermini Clio advert. It asks ‘fans’ to think about what Va Va Voom is and who has it. Every week you’ll be asked to vote for your favourite kings and queens and you could possibly win some prizes in the process.

'We’ve always been at the vanguard of car manufacturer social media activities, so given the British public’s affection for Clio and Va Va Voom, it seemed logical for us to use Facebook as a platform to enhance our direct interaction with customers and Renault fans’ said Renault UK’s Digital Communications Manager, David Isherwood.

It’s a campaign running in parallel to a 40-second TV advert featuring Rihanna, Dita Von Teese and Thierry Henry. Prizes include Jimmy Choo shoes or an evening out at The Fat Duck restaurant in Berkshire.

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