We think Jenson doth protest too much, as the former champion and McLaren driver laughed off the persistent rumours that he's destined for Ferrari in 2012.

A report in the Brazilian press last week has triggered no end of speculation about the future of Button, saying that Button is keen to be contractually free at the end of 2012 in order to slip into Felipe Massa's seat at Ferrari when his contract ends.

'It's hilarious because it's not true,' he's quoted in Brazil's Globo Esporte saying.

'I don't know who put it out but it wasn't us and it wasn't Ferrari,' said Button.

The Briton claims that it's his own protracted contract talks with contracts that are fuelling the rumours.

'Hopefully it will be sorted out as soon as possible. I hope it is anyway because I don't want to be talking about it for too long and I don't want to leave people hanging."

"I actually don't mind being asked about it because I find it quite fun," he added, clearly flattered.

But Felipe Massa won't be laughing at rumours of being ousted. 'I have a contract until the end of 2012 and after that we'll see,' he told Singapore newspaper Today. 'I hope to stay here a long time.'

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