Holden Embraces Alternative Fuels

Holden has made major investments in ethanol fuel production in Australia and a range of more eco-friendly vehicles to push for a greater share of the green motoring market for 2009.

The company aims to produce locally-built cars that can run on E85 fuel by 2010. E85 is fuel made up of 85 per cent ethanol, and encourages the nationwide use of ethanol-rich fuel in Australia.

Mark Reuss, Managing Director of Holden says they are talking with American firm Coskata to establish Australia’s first plant to produce cellulosic ethanol—motor fuel made from non-edible plant material. Currently E10 fuel—with 10 per cent ethanol, is widely available in Australia and is compatible with most modern cars.

Ethanol as fuel would be cheaper, fairly renewable and lessens carbon dioxide emissions. The start-up investment for distillery plants producing ethanol commercially would be relatively low. “There is obviously increased activity to prime market demand to stimulate infrastructure, fuel production and energy policy in Australia,” said Mr. Reuss.

"We have always said we would take a leadership position on ethanol and we're going to provide the vehicles to do that." “Australia could lead the world in researching and developing vehicles powered by a range of alternative fuels,” Mr Reuss said.

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