Honda Civic type r parts, part of the best

The Honda Civic Type R is by general consensus, simply poetry in motion.  With its white body paint and red front badge this sleek and responsive model just purrs into view, turning heads everywhere. Now with a 6 speed manual transmission this model is available in 3 door hatchback and 4 door sedan.  The inclusion of red trimmed interior was originally the idea of the Honda company to distinguish it from other Honda models and this is partly why it is given the ‘r’ designation.

Winning many awards the Type R is arguably the pinnacle of Honda’s ongoing endeavour to bring cutting edge design, quality and affordability to worldwide motoring. The Honda Civic Type R is also used to great acclaim by many racing drivers globally as a car that can deliver power and dependability when needed.  Take a look for yourself at its interior for instance.  Plush, comfortable upholstery greets the eye before being presented with the highly efficient and stylish dashboard.  Climate control, airbags, folding mirrors, windscreen wipers that sense the rain and operate automatically.  It even has a refrigerated glovebox and of course comes with cruise control to add that extra touch of safety.

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