Honda Integra: half scooter half motorbike

Fans of Honda’s Integra automobile have reason to smile again because the automobile company has revived the Integra name from the past with its new Honda Integra half scooter half motorbike. The Integra half scooter, half motorbike is slated to enter production and be available in Europe as a 2012 model. A notable feature of the new Integra motorbike is its engine and transmission.

Announcing production of the new Integra motorcycle, Honda Motor Co., Ltd said it had “… developed this new motorcycle engine in order to realise a set of motorcycles based on its new concept of offering outstanding fuel efficiency in the mid-class while delivering powerful, throbbing torque in the normal range for touring and urban riding.”

Engine and transmission

The new Integra motorcycle comes with a Dual Clutch Transmission engine designed for extreme fuel efficiency, while at the same time retaining the power and performance levels that have characterised other Integra models in the past. The Integra’s fuel efficiency is estimated to exceed 60mpg, which is more than the minimum fuel efficiency levels required to meet the economic realities of present times.

Other notable features of the new Integra motorcycle engine include:

· Lower friction and higher combustion efficiency that help realise more controlled combustion and give a powerful ride with low-to-mid rpm

· Branch in take port within the cylinder head to realise precise calculations of changes to combustion timing, thereby giving the engine a pleasing, pulsating feel.

· Effective emission purification system that maximises the Integra’s efficiency in exhaust emission purification in line with set European automobile emission standards

· And, Dual Clutch Transmission that is lighter, more compact and better equipped to detect different riding environments like mountain passes and City Streets and make the most appropriate automatic shift controls adjustments.

With these specifications and its sleek design, the new Honda Integra half scooter half motorbike is expected to be delightful tourer for its owners.

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