How bizarre!

An artificial leg was among the strange items left in rental cars collected by Europcar car.

The item was from a car returned to the firm's Liverpool branch recently.

Other crazy items included a mannequin, 50 fluroescent light bulbs and a Scottish piper's black ostrich feather hat. Also found were £1,000 worth of designer clothes left in the trunk.

Ken McCall, managing director of Europcar, said: 'There's never a dull day in the life of a hire car, as some of these items of lost property reveal. Our staff often go to great pains to reunite lost and forgotten property with their rightful owners.'

In Yeovil, a pair of furry handcuffs were found, while a car returned to Reading contained an ammunition case and a stretcher.

Other items returned with a hire car include a bunch of flowers, a printer, half a pint of beer with a CD titled The Art of Speed Seduction and in Salford 10 odd pairs of shoes.

But the prize surely has to be the false leg. We don't think the driver could have got very far without it, so fingers crossed it'll find a home soon.

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