How can we handle vandals?

Got a ‘prestige’ car, a Lexus or a BMW Z4? Better keep a look out, because vandals are out to get you!

A ‘Vehicle Vandalism Index’, brought out by insurer Swiftcover, has discovered a trend between the type of car you drive and the chance of it being vandalised. Most of the cars in their ‘top ten’ are luxury cars like the Mercedes CLK or Audi TT.

‘Our analysis shows that luxury cars are more likely to be targeted by vandals, however, it's interesting to see the Mini ONE in the top three,’ said Robin Reames, claims director at insurer swiftcover.com. ‘The majority of vehicles in the top ten are what we call 'executive cars', likely to be driven by high earners who see their car as a status symbol, with just one 4x4 making up the top ten.’

The analysis was made by examining 2000 claims and taking into account the number vehicles affected that are on the road.

‘Vandalism is difficult to prevent but motorists can take some measures to protect their cars as best possible,’ Reames added. ‘The most obvious one is not to leave your car on the street; if you're lucky enough to have a garage, use it to keep your car out of harm's way. Installing extra security features such as motion-activated lights or security cameras will reduce your risk, as will a physical car cover to hide your car from view. We hope that the index gives some insight for those considering their next car.’

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