How much does a Bigfoot truck cost?

Everything’s bigger and better about monster trucks and the king of them all is Big Foot. How much does a Bigfoot truck cost to build and run for a reason of Monster Jam and what goes into running one of these behemoths at the track each week?
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Monster trucks

These things are 11 feet tall and about 12 feet wide. A lot of material goes into building one and because of their size, there’s not all that much that can be taken from a road going pickup truck. The rules of Monster truck racing say that the beast has to weigh at least 9,000 pounds but some are as much as 12,500 pounds. There’s no minimum or maximum amount a team can or should spend on their truck, but the average truck costs around $150,000 to build.

Monster engine

Custom-built supercharged engines don’t come cheaply. If you want to be competitive, you need to develop the motor and work with the best engine builders in the business. None of that’s cheap. The average monster truck team will use five engines a year. At a cost of $40,000 per engine, you’re looking at $200,000 per truck per season.

Monster truck tyres

As with the trucks themselves, the tyres are huge. You’re looking at rubber that’s 66 inches high and 43 inches wide. Thankfully a monster truck will only go through 8 tyres per year but because each tyre is hand-built, they cost $2,600 each. That’s another $20,800 the team has to pay out.

Running costs

Even when the thing’s build, you still need to build or buy other equipment to run it. Teams need a trailer to haul the machine around the States, they need spare parts and they need to pay the driver’s and his crews’ salaries. Stuff like fuel for the trucks and the haulers and team uniforms also add to the team’s budget. They also have to pay for lodging and food so most teams will spend around $250,000 per year just running the truck.

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