How much does the driving theory test cost in the UK?

The short answer to the question: how much does the driving theory test cost in the UK, is £31 for cars and motorcycles but that won’t get you onto the road. You’ll also need to pass your practical test before you can be let loose behind the wheel. If you’re taking your theory test so you can get a licence to drive a lorry, bus or coach, you’ll need to fork out £35. There’s no theory test for tractor driving or for people learning to drive a taxi.
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Abridged Theory Test

The cheapest theory test for car drivers is the Abridged Theory Test. It’s only £24 but it’s not applicable to all drivers. You can take the abridged test if you have a Safety Road User Award. The Abridged Theory Test consists of 35 multiple choice questions instead of the usual 50 but you need to have completed the qualification that consists of two units, so this way of doing things does leave you with more paperwork. It should make you into a safer driver though, as that’s the point of the government backed Safety Road User Award scheme.

Booking your theory test

You can use the online booking system to get a theory test date. Search gov.uk for the link. All you’ll need is your Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number and an email address where your booking confirmation will be sent to. If you’re looking to retake the test, you’ll need to leave at least 3 clear working days between tests but there’s no restriction on how many times you can put yourself through the theory test.

Final word

The test can be taken in English or Welsh and there’s a voiceover option if you’d rather.

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