How to adapt a car for disabled driver

If you'd like to know how to adapt a car for a disabled driver, we could point you to firms who can do this for you, but instead we've given you a rundown of the rules and regulations governing this.
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Getting your vehicle adapted so you can drive is safely isn’t difficult. There are lots of motoring accessories for people with lower or upper body disabilities on the market but you need a specialist to fit them.


Accessories include hand controls that operate the brake and throttle. Knobs on the steering wheel that help drivers turn the car more easily. Ramps and hoists that allow wheelchair users to get in and out of their vehicles with ease are also marketed, and there are cushions, covers and supports that make the cabin more comfortable. Rotating seats can also help you get in and out of the car, and you can also get adapted mirrors, different harnesses and seat belts.

Forum of Mobility Centres

Now that you know what’s on the market you may not be aware exactly what products will benefit you most. To get qualified advice on this, head to mobility-centres.org.uk. this is the official site for the Forum of Mobility Centres who are an umbrella organisation made up of 17 separate bodies who offer professional advice for individuals who have a medical condition, or those who are recovering from an injury or accident which affects their driving or their ability to get in or out of their vehicle.

Find a centre

To find the centre closest to you click on mobility-centres.org.uk/find_a_centre. The geographical spread is pretty good so you won’t have to go far to find a centre. You can also use the website to get in touch with the Forum of Mobility Centres for advice through a Freephone number.

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