How to build your own scooter

If you'd like to know how to build your own scooter safely and quickly, read on as we'll take you through this stage by stage.
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Scooter configurator

When you build your own scooter you need confidence that everything will work properly and that you'll be creating a safe piece of kit. One of the best ways to do this is to use a scooter configurator. You'll find them on the websites for most firms who sell scooters and parts for scooters like sgscooters.com, skates.co.uk and luckyscooters.com.


You'll need to select a deck, a bar, a heatset, a set of forks, and a cool set of wheels. Bar ends, clamps, bearings, spacers and grips will also be needed to create your scooter. If you're buying everything from one supplier, they should be able to help you make sure that each part is compatible with the next but if you're buying from a variety of sources, make sure that the bars you purchase have the correct internal diameter. If you're buying threadless forks, make sure you also pick up a threadless headset. You'll also need to make sure that the scooter pegs you pick are suitable.

Building process

Now that you've got all the parts you'll need, you have to put them together safely. The first job involves putting the forks and headset together and then bolt them into place. Before you move on, make sure the forks spin well. Now put the front wheel through and tighten. The next job involves putting the back wheel through the board. Be aware that you might need to use spacers on the back axle here. This is a tricky job that can sometimes need specialist equipment. The final job is to be put on the bars. You'll need a compatible clamp. Put the clamp on and then tighten a little. Slide the bars over the headset. You might need to exert some pressure here. Make sure that the bars are nice and straight before tightening to complete the job.

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